We all win when more voices can be heard.

Every job I’ve ever had has shown me, again and again, what happens when talent is blocked by unjust systems.

As a teacher, I met extraordinary students facing down hurdles that shouldn’t have been in their way, and that I had never faced. As a nonprofit founder, fundraiser and grantwriter, I saw how quality initiatives, especially in low-income areas, often go unfunded when they don’t use buzzwords or have a well-connected director. And as a journalist and media director, I saw how fresh voices and independent journalists can get cast aside by unethical practices and outdated structures. 

I’ve seen how the inequalities of our societies hold back the brainpower we all need in order to overcome the diseases, destruction and division that surround us. The future of the planet, my daughter’s future, depends on us removing obstacles from the paths of rising leaders so so they can get where they need to go.

Mónica Quesada

We all have different ways to fight that battle. Mine is by removing obstacles to self-expression.

Today, as an experienced media director, nonprofit founder and communications coach, I’m working to build an international community that empowers its members to expand their impact on the world through powerful self-expression – whether they are leaders, journalists, donors or mentors.

I’m doing this by:

  • creating media structures like El Colectivo 506 that empower community voices and support independent journalism;
  • designing mentorship channels that facilitate pro bono support for communities and organizations, and accessible paid services (such as grantwriting, communications coaching or strategic planning);
  • and building my own body of work focused on social justice, fresh voices and unusual ways of looking at the world.

Please explore my written work on the site, check out El Colectivo 506, or learn how you can work with me as a communications coach, strategic grant specialist, copywriter, or translator.

Contact me at kstan.cr@gmail.com or connect through the social media links to the right. I’d love to hear from you!