file-2-27-17-9-55-33-pmMy work includes:

  • The Costa Rica Daily Boost” (2019-2020), my year-long quest to share stories, profiles, reflection, art and humor from my adopted country at a time when lots of us need a daily tonic in a nutty world. Sign up at right for a little Costa Rican inspiration every weekday in your inbox.
  • Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter” (2016), which uses some of my favorite Costa Rican expressions to explore the ups and downs of motherhood far from home. The book emerged from the blog I began when my daughter was small.
  • The “Maeology” column I wrote at The Tico Times (2015-2019), providing a humorous look at Costa Rican life and language.
  • Shadow Cabinet” (2017), a weekly series of interviews of women leaders in the United States in the months following the election of President Trump.
  • Essays on politics, parenthood at more as published by The Huffington Post, Motherlode and others.
  • Reportage from my years working as a journalist. There was an awful lot of it, but I’ve shared some highlights on this site.