Day 51: A parade for your Costa Rica bucket list

Holiday-wise, November brings some celebrations to Costa Rica from other climes: some people do celebrate Thanksgiving here, whether because of a U.S. relative or just a liking for the idea, and of course, Black Friday rears its ugly head with increasing vigor each year. But November is also the time for the most authentic CostaContinue reading “Day 51: A parade for your Costa Rica bucket list”

Day 43: The curse of multitasking

Costa Rica is one big invitation to stop multitasking, but San José is all about it. This is partly because of all the traffic. How are you not going to distract yourself with your phone while on a bus for two hours or sitting motionless in a car? Yesterday I announced triumphantly to my husbandContinue reading “Day 43: The curse of multitasking”

‘Making calls is the gateway drug to political involvement’

Every woman I’ve spoken to for this series is busy by definition. But in the case of Laura Moser, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I can hear the time pressure in her voice over the phone – understandable for a woman who is surely experiencing one of the busiest times inContinue reading “‘Making calls is the gateway drug to political involvement’”