Ahhhhh. Hello, Sunday.

This week, today really is Sunday, in every sense of the word.

In San José, Costa Rica, the sun is shining brightly after a week of heavy rains. In many communities around the country, that sun is shining on destruction, landslides and flooded homes (read more from El Colectivo 506, including relief effort links, here). So the work continues. But thank you, sun.

In the United States, events took place over the past five days that allowed my daughter to watch the first female vice president in U.S. history to take to the stage last night in a fierce white suit. My daughter dressed up in her Wonder Woman costume for the occasion and waved a flag she had made with the names of Joe Biden and his two dogs, Major and Champ. The work continues. But thank you, U.S. voters, poll workers, campaign volunteers.

At El Colectivo 506, we’ve raised nearly $10,000 thus far to help us start a new media organization that’s journalist-owned, community-driven and woman-powered. We’ve got a lot more road to traverse (read more here). But thank you, every last person who has given us a donation, words of encouragement, ideas during these critical early weeks.

Are you taking a deep breath today? If not, you should. If so, take another one. Shake your booty. Raise a glass. We’ve earned it. We’ll need it. We deserve it.

Featured image by Creatista via Shutterstock.

I run the virtual volunteer community Costa Rica Corps and am the co-founder of the new, bilingual media organization El Colectivo 506. I also work as a freelance grantwriter, fundraiser, and communications coach, and write essays, articles and books. I live in San José with my husband and daughter. Sign up at top right to receive an essay in your inbox each Sunday morning: a chance to dominguear together (a lovely word that literally means, “to Sunday,” and describes a leisurely trip or ramble). We’ll explore a project, changemaker, community, or idea I’ve come across, or just watch the world go by. See you next Sunday!