Dear Mothers – We MUST Stop Putting Each Other Down

2015-03 HuffPost pic

I’ve had it.

I read a piece online this week called “Ten Ways I’m Ruining My Child by Living Outside the United States.” In it, the author makes some good points with which, as someone who lives outside the United States herself, I wholeheartedly agree. She discusses how great it is to watch her daughter learn other languages and appreciate other cultures.

She also boasts of what she has done for her daughter by giving up a high-stress U.S. lifestyle including a big house with “two living rooms and three bathrooms.” She is proud of trading that in for a tropical existence in which her daughter can say “her mother has time for her, all day, all night, rarely stressed, no car, a basic phone for safety, together 24 hours a day adventuring and sharing and laughing and being unstressed and happy and free.”

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Work at home? Here’s the only gift you need this year

You know you’ve got a problem when you take a single day off and feel the need to write a column about it. Still, I’m happy¬†to share my musings in yesterday’s Huffington Post about motherhood, working at home and a simple thing I did to give myself a mental break. Wishing everyone some calm, peace and quiet this holiday.