Day 10: The photos guaranteed to make you laugh on THE worst day

Try this: Wait until your next truly terrible mood. Then go to “Sólo en Costa Rica,” click on the Photos tab and then the Timeline Photos – that’s the easiest way to see tons of them at once – and just scroll through it. Note the time that elapses before you laugh out loud.

For me, it was about 27 seconds, and that was only because there are some promotional posts and other non-comedic pics mixed in. But it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which these snapshots of Costa Rican absurdities, sent in by people all over the country, wouldn’t elicit some sort of chuckle. (Even if your car just fell into a pothole that goes straight through the center of the earth, or you just got semi-crushed by a mattress that fell on you because someone was carrying it on a freakin’ motorcycle. All of which, as you can see below, is entirely possible.)

There are some inside jokes and spelling errors that will only be funny to Spanish speakers, but many are images that need no translation. You’ll find cows who have somehow lost their way and are standing in line outside a McDonald’s; a roadside billboard installed upside down; second-story doors that open out into nothing; and, well, just take a look. Here are just a few of my faves.

The page exemplies something you hear a lot in Costa Rica: “hay que reírse para no llorar.” Sometimes, you have to laugh so as not to cry. Here’s to appreciating the absurd, especially on Fridays, and letting it all go. And thanks to Sólo en Costa Rica for helping us get there.

Before the pics, here’s the weekly roundup for your weekend catch-up pleasure:

Day 6, Monday Inspiration: An extraordinary legacy in northern Costa Rica.

Day 2, Tuesday Beau-tay: A little Costa Rican poetry, dedicated to Greta.

Day 3, Wellness Wednesday: The mind-blowing wonders of chamomile.

Day 4, Thursday Exploring: An ode to bookstores.

Wishing you a happy weekend! Now, here’s some silliness:

From FB/Solo en Costa Rica.

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