Day 15: Overly Literal Translations, Oktoberfest Edition

No matter how good you get in your second language, there will always be moments when the direct translation to your native tongue flashes through your brain. In the inaugural episode of Overly Literal Translations, where I put things through Google Translate and see what happens, I’m taking on a topic fit for Oktoberfest: Costa Rica’s dizzying array of craft beers. Here’s some of what a non-native speaker of Spanish might see when looking down the menu or the beer aisle. (What’s your favorite? Can you guess the original names? Can you pick out the one that is made up and not, in fact, a poorly translated beer name?)

Tomb Panties
Weeping Woman
Bald Lady
Monkey Indigestion
Pumpkin Tamale
Stick Hen
Butt Horse

To learn more about Costa Rican beers, you can visit Birripedia, lk j or And here is this week’s round up of Daily Boost posts for those who like to catch up on reading on the weekend. See you Monday for Week 4!

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