Day 32: The reading season is upon us

Remember when the Scholastic Book Club flyers would arrive at your classroom and you would pore over them at your desk when you were supposed to be doing other things and circle the books you wished you could have? I’m not sure when that started or if it ended, but for a book nerd at elementary school in the 80s, it was like Christmas. I think of that sometimes in this day and age where the internet is a vast, infinite Scholastic Book Club at my fingertips at any time, with no one to tell me not to buy a given book except my own budget.

Despite that abundance, my book-reading muscles have atrophied substantially in recent years, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I attribute it to a variety of factors: part decision fatigue, part decreased attention speed because of the brevity of social media posts, part feeling like we’ve read because we spend so much time skimming emails or think pieces or news. I know that whenever I do crack a book – especially an actual book with actual pages and an actual cover – my mood and state of mind are immeasurably improved. As we enter what I always think of as the reading season, with cozy nights and vacation days approaching, I like to get as much inspiration as possible to line my nightstand or Kindle with recommendations.

Will you give me a recommendation? I obviously have a soft spot for books from and about Costa Rica, Latin America, immigration, women and women’s rights, and the theme of the Daily Boost, which is finding inspiration amidst chaos… but I’m wide open, honestly. I’d love to hear what you’re reading now or books that pop to your mind that you might have read long ago but that NO ONE SHOULD GO ANOTHER SECOND WITHOUT READING, and actually now that you think of it you don’t understand why you aren’t rereading it yourself right at this very moment. (“The Incredible Lightness of Being,” “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” and “A Confederacy of Dunces” come to mind, off the top.)

Happy reading…

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8 thoughts on “Day 32: The reading season is upon us

  1. I liked Limón Blues many years ago, I didn’t like its sequel Limón Reggae, so I’m not sure I would enjoy it the same way, but I can recommend it.

    La Casa de los Espíritus, first book by Isabel Allende and I believe her best.

    El héroe discreto by Mario Vargas Llosa, that’s a great entertainiing read.


  2. From your October 3rd article:
    Yes it was. I used to walk from Santa Elena uphill to the reserve. I went several times, alone and then last time in the early 2000’s with who would become my wife, I had contacted Mr. Stuckey again and he not only remembered me, but very graciously let us in his farm for birding and to also see the milking process, it is something I will thank him for. Now I don’t know if even want to go and see all the development there…
    I have an almost ‘homemade’ book from 2001, they printed only 1000 copies, is called “Monteverde Jubilee Family album April 19 1951 April 19 2001, 50 years growing and spreading our roots”. It was published by the Asociación Amigos de Monteverde.
    Saludos from Amherst VA.


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