Day 40: Time for my yearly viewing of Kristen Bell’s sloth video

Man, I just realized that today, day 40 of the Daily Boost, is the day of my current age, and therefore a great opportunity to reflect on the (pretty insane and numerous) life lessons I’ve been taught this year. But man, it’s Friday, my brain is tired from all those life lessons, and this photo of a happy sloth is giving me life.

“Why are people so obsessed with sloths?” a friend asked this week. “Aren’t they kind of smelly?” Yes, smelly and eating gross things out of their fur. For me, that’s part of the appeal, I think, because then when you’re on the couch with Cheetos crumbs on your shirt, you know that your spirit animal is an internationally loved icon.

You know who loves sloths more than all of us? Actress Kristen Bell, and even if you have no idea who she is (in which case you do not have kids who are practically catatonic with excitement over “Frozen 2”), I guarantee her retelling of her encounter of a sloth will make you laugh. I go back to it at least once a year – not kidding. Watch it here. You’re welcome.

And here’s a recap of this week’s Daily Boost. Wishing you a slothful weekend covered in Cheeto crumbs (or maybe kale chips are more your scene – but eat them messily, and in sweatpants).

Monday Motivation: A true badass came to Costa Rica for the world’s toughest mountain bike race.

Tuesday Beauty: A message of galvanizing hope from climate action icon Christiana Figueres.

Wednesday Wellness: Let’s talk about anxiety.

Thursday Travel: Baby turtles set off to sea.

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