Day 62: A bookstore stop for your summer park walk

One of the best possible ways to spend a long, breezy San José afternoon in December is to wander through the city’s prettiest parks, nestled together just east of the city center: Parque Nacional, Parque Morazan and especially Parque España. And now there’s a delightful spot to stop, browse and read amidst the green.

Librería Duluoz is just off the Parque España’s northeast corner, across a narrow street from the beautiful Casa Amarilla. On a recent visit, I could have plopped down in the cozy, inviting kids’ section for hours. The English-language selection is limited, but readers of Spanish will be in heaven, and honestly, it’s worth a visit just for its gorgeous location. Robust feminist and LGBTQ sections and more provide a chance to take in the scope of the country’s and region’s progressive authors, and independent publishers are the stars of the show.

I’m glad Librería Duluoz has joined Librería Andante on the extremely nascent independent bookstore crawl I started as part of the Daily Boost. Do you have other favorites I should visit? Tell me all about them! And don’t forget to enter my Costa Rican holiday care package giveaway!holiday care package giveaway!

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