Day 71: Sin pajilla, por favor

I’ve been traveling around Costa Rica quite a bit this month, and have been heartened to see the way the anti-plastics movement is gaining traction. This is due to hard-working community leaders such as those behind the Bahía Ballena Libre de Plástico movement whose efforts grew, coalesced, and linked into national strategies. All that lobbying and convincing and door-to-door pressure on businesses is paying off. It’s starting to become jarringly unusual when you’re offered a plastic straw at a restaurant, and that was not the case just a year or two ago – it was the rule, not the exception.

Here’s to the champions who are making this happen before our eyes. If you’re visiting Costa Rica soon, just remember: bring a reusable water bottlebring a reusable water bottle, and when you order  drink, say “Sin pajilla, por favor.” (No straw, please.)

Image from the “Sin pajilla, por favor” Facebook group.

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