Meet Sol the sloth – and her amazing caregivers

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to meet a very resilient baby sloth and celebrate her rescuers – and to remind you to call 911 if you see a sloth on a power line, or any other animal in distress. (There are different entities in different parts of the country that assist authorities with animal rescue, but what I’ve been told is that if you simply call 911 no matter where you are, they’ll know how to coordinate in your area.)

The Toucan Rescue Ranch writes:

Sol’s mother was fatally killed due to electrocution. Her mother likely was using power lines to move across fragmented canopy when she was zapped and fell to the ground. Sadly, when rescuers found her mother, she was likely killed instantly. Fortunately, Sol was still hanging on, alive.

Sol was quickly recovered from MINAE (wildlife police) and brought to the Toucan Rescue Ranch clinic for examination. It was soon discovered that Sol received some of the shock and had a limp arm as a result. Our vet staff made a quick decision to amputate to avoid further infection.

Thanks to our amazing vet team, the surgery went extremely well. Sol quickly woke from anesthesia and proved to be a survivor. She is still in critical care and in the sloth nursery. She has become pals with Luna, another three-fingered sloth in our care. Both will go through the Saving Sloths Together program where they will be provided 24/hour care and a rehabilitation and liberation plan, which will hopefully result in a life #backinthetrees, once old enough!

Support Sol by donating to our medical costs

Thank you, Toucan Rescue Ranch, for all you do! Here’s a video about Sol:

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One thought on “Meet Sol the sloth – and her amazing caregivers

  1. She is sooooo cute! I hope she survives. How can she manage without all legs for climbing? I should send some dollars.

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