We are the pride

One of the biggest myths I’ve ever heard is that women just can’t get along. It’s been repeated to me throughout my professional life – especially in Costa Rica, and often by women – and my experience has shown the exact opposite to be true. I’ve seen pettiness, outsized egos and bitter grudges, but far more often among men than women. Again and again, I’ve seen women put those things aside and get shit done.

That’s why, in these powerful photos taken by Mayela Lopez for La Nación, the sign reading “Nosotras somos la manada” made me smile. We are the wolf pack, the herd, the flock. The pride of lionesses.

Mayela Lopez for La Nación. “Allison, today is for you and all those who haven’t returned.” The sign refers to Allison Bonilla, 18, of Paraíso, who is missing as of last week.

In the wake of, for me, a disappointing finish for my favorite presidential candidate in the midst of reports that many voters favored her but felt it would be unrealistic to vote for her, I think this is a reminder we can’t hear too often. We, or a large group of us, are in this together. We have justice on our side.

These are difficult and violent times for the women of Latin America, but I can feel a rising tide. Can you?

Mayela Lopez for La Nación

2 thoughts on “We are the pride

  1. It serves patriarchy to have women fighting amongst themselves. I will never forget a comment made by a friend many years ago. ‘Women don’t henpeck men. Men do.’ It seems as if machismo is about showing other males that you are man enough. They sometimes sacrifice women to do so. No one wins.


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