Calling all great ideas!

Good morning! Not all my posts from now on will be about COVID-19: in fact, I think it’s high time for some sloth videos and other comforting, inspiring and motivating Costa Rican stories. That’s why I threw together a separate, temporary section on my website to focus entirely on information about how to help Costa Rican communities and organizations during COVID-19. (While health is of course the number one concern, Friday’s post laid out why the economic and social impact on tourism-driven Costa Rica has so many of us scared as well.)

For my boost today, I’d love for all of you to check it out – even if you have your hands full helping out your own community. Why? Because even if you have no time to buy from Costa Rican microbusinesses and your donation dollars are fully tied up elsewhere, I think that all of us who are trying to make a dent in this problem could benefit from hearing about creative things that communities are doing around the globe. So I would love, love, LOVE to hear from you if you have seen cool ideas happening around you and would like to share.

If, on the other hand, you are in Costa Rica or part of a circle that’s as Costa Rica-obsessed as my circle is, please share this page as widely as you can. I’ll be updating it regularly with new information, links and ideas. Here it is:

Keep your ideas and comments coming, and tomorrow I’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming: another excerpt from “Ticas sin miedo” in keeping with the March theme of unbelievably awesome women. Wishing you the best of health.

I’m a writer in San José, Costa Rica, on a year-long quest to share daily posts on inspiring people, places and ideas from my adopted home as a kind of tonic during a rough time in the world. Sign up (top right of this page) to receive a little dose of inspiration every weekday in your mailbox; tell a friend; check out past posts; and please connect with me on Instagram or Facebook! Each month in 2020 has a monthly theme, and March’s is women’s rights, so browse recent posts for more on this issue.

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