Good night, Puntarenas

After a day spent on Zoom and pecking away at a keyboard, I like to imagine I’m a flying over Costa Rica in the cool, post-afternoon-rain air, looking at the lights of its cities and towns.

OK, that’s not true at all, but maybe I’ll start, inspired by this photo of our Pacific port city by Gianfranco Vivi.

Good night, Puntarenas. Good night, crazy world. May tomorrow be… better? Saner? Another day, at least. That much is guaranteed.

One thought on “Good night, Puntarenas

  1. Flying over Costa Rica takes me back to the early 60’s as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. I often flew as a passenger in AVE’s single engine planes, over virtually untouched forests between San Vito in the South, and San Jose. From time to time among the trees I might see a horse trail, and perhaps a ranchito with a thatched roof, and I would try to imagine what that life must be like. Most of those areas are now long gone.


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