Special announcement: Buy a book, help build a volunteer movement!

Hi all!

If you’ve been meaning to get your hands on “Love in Translation” or would like to give it as a gift this holiday season, please consider ordering a copy to benefit the Costa Rica Corps this year.

For every $25 payment to help us build a new, virtual volunteer movement to benefit Costa Rican communities, I’ll ship a copy of my book anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Costa Rica. I’ll also sign copies sent within Costa Rica, with any dedication you specify! Reader in Costa Rica have been asking me for many months how they can get their hands on a copy. Well, I’m finally ready to get to the post office for you!

Please check out the link below for more info and to order a copy, and please share with anyone else who might like to participate. Purchases can be made by PayPal, check or SINPE Móvil; orders must be received by Nov. 20 to guarantee Christmas delivery (well, “guarantee” as best we can, with the years our respective Post Offices have had! The sooner, the better…)


Thank you in advance for your support. The Costa Rica Corps is a volunteer movement through and through, but this support will jumpstart our efforts to launch new volunteer pathways and opportunities starting in January 2021!

I run the virtual volunteer community Costa Rica Corps and am the co-founder of the new, bilingual media organization El Colectivo 506. I also work as a freelance grantwriter, fundraiser, and communications coach, and write essays, articles and books. I live in San José with my husband and daughter. Sign up at top right to receive an essay in your inbox each Sunday morning: a chance to dominguear together (a lovely word that literally means, “to Sunday,” and describes a leisurely trip or ramble). We’ll explore a project, changemaker, community, or idea I’ve come across, or just watch the world go by. See you next Sunday!

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