Natural beauty and sloth love to brighten cold February days

I think that the gorgeous art of Vivan Víquez is perfect for February, whether you’re in the tropics or you’ve got icicles on your eyebrows. Here in Costa Rica, the sun is out and kids are rushing back to school; traffic increases and the pace of life, so spare and light in January, starts toContinue reading “Natural beauty and sloth love to brighten cold February days”

Day 61: I want to send you a boost in the mail!

Enter my Daily Boost end-of-year contest to win some Costa Rican goodies for you or someone on your gift list, through the mail!

Why despair in the age of Trump means we need to know more, not less

Here’s what surprised me the most during Donald Trump’s first month in office – a period I prefer to think of as my first month with the Shadow Cabinet. During each of the past four weeks, I’ve interviewed one remarkable woman: an immigration lawyer in New Mexico, a public-education advocate in Alaska, a business owner who promotes activismContinue reading “Why despair in the age of Trump means we need to know more, not less”

‘Can we bridge this gap?’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ll admit it. When I picture an activist, I tend to envision picket lines and marches and petitions; if I associate it with a profession or field, it’s probably the law or politics. Activism is all of those things, but as I browsed with amazement through the website of PhiladelphiaContinue reading “‘Can we bridge this gap?’”