How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

I’d like to end the week with a question for you: has the COVID-19 crisis made you more creative, or drawn you to creative activities you weren’t doing before?

The Eastport Gallery will be sharing a video chat between me and Lora Whelan, an amazing artist and local journalism leader, on their Facebook page on June 25th. We’ll be discussing how this crisis in particular, and solitude in general, can help or hinder creative pursuits. I’ll be sharing som solitude-inspired writing, and we’ll discuss ways people in Eastport and around the world have used art and creativity during these hard times.

The chat will not be live, so I would LOVE to hear your thoughts beforehand. Have you started journaling, making lists, drawing bad sketches (that last one is me)? Connecting or reconnecting with creative pursuits from your past? Finding new artists or writers whose work has resonated with you? Or has the crisis squashed your creative drive? I’d like to hear what to have to say!

I’ll share the chat here once the Gallery has published it. Have a wonderful (maybe even creative?) weekend…

(In the photo: Works in progress from!)

5 thoughts on “How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

  1. Hello Katherine,
    I make enamel jewelry and I have a store online, I had to close my shop because international shipping stopped here in CR. I am usually motivated by sale so I put my jewelry making on hold, once in a while I will experiment with a new technique.
    What I am very passionate right now is doing textile art (new to me) mostly embroidery and appliqué (small projects) I love doing and learning Japanese embroidery. What I find difficult is because I don’t have all the materials and I am so use to just run to the store but in this situation it is challenging in the sense that you have to find other solutions and materials so it add another level in your creativity.


  2. I am a 59 year old visual artist and I have been on the most intense, productive art bender since graduate school.
    I’ve been in my studio daily and have done over 100 finished works. It’s both cathartic and exhausting. My daily life has not altered much but my brain is much busier and my worries much larger and broader.
    I’d be happy to share the two bodies of work if you’d like to see what’s happening.
    I have The Pandemic Series and Maine Woods Series available on my Facebook page.


  3. Hola Katherine,
    I am working on a series on paintings called 52 Divas. They are a visual diary of my life, my dreams, etc. When the pandemic started, I relished the time in the studio without many distractions. Then a continuing health problem prevented me from exercising, which helps me to ground mentally and emotionally. Then the Black Lives Matter. What can a 67 year old white woman living in Costa Rica do about this? I noticed that the “shelter in place” made me more sensitive and I found it harder to focus. Too much chaotic energy flying around. This is where I am right now. I am trying to be patient with myself regarding the pandemic, my health and the Black oppression….and my creativity. Breathe Jan……


    1. 52 Divas sounds incredible, Jan! I have been thinking of you. It is certainly hard to focus right now – I am in the same boat. I can’t wait to see your paintings when you share them.


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