Happy Costa Rican Tree Day – and thank you to forest champions

It’s the Día del Arbol in Costa Rica today, and in addition to taking a moment to think about some of my favorite Costa Rican trees, I’m tipping my proverbial hat to some of the many champions of reforestation that I’ve met over the years. One of these is Jack Ewing.

I had the pleasure of meeting this passionate tree champion last year at his reserve and eco-tourism center Hacienda Barú, just outside of the coastal town of Dominical. His defense of the environment and hard work to reforest the south-central Pacific coast are legendary, and for good reason: Hacienda Barú sold all its cattle in 1990 and proceeded to reforest nearly the entirety of its 350 acres. He proudly showed off aerial images of the area over the decades, and it’s extraordinary to see how this region, like

Read more about Jack here.


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