‘Don’t be the one clipping your own wings’

Read more Shadow Cabinet interviews here. Step one if you want to interview Mariana Santos? Figure out where in the world she is. And no, following her on Facebook won’t help much. As the driving force between a growing international network of journalists, she’s not only traveling constantly to trainings and events, but also sharingContinue reading “‘Don’t be the one clipping your own wings’”

‘Can we bridge this gap?’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ll admit it. When I picture an activist, I tend to envision picket lines and marches and petitions; if I associate it with a profession or field, it’s probably the law or politics. Activism is all of those things, but as I browsed with amazement through the website of PhiladelphiaContinue reading “‘Can we bridge this gap?’”

On motherhood and hunger (como el león del Bolivar)

I’ve come to Costa Rica three times in my life. The first time, I was seven, and I remember absolutely nothing about the whole trip except seeing an enormous crocodile in the canals of Tortuguero. The third time, I was twenty-five, beginning the six-month visit that has continued for ten years. But in between wasContinue reading “On motherhood and hunger (como el león del Bolivar)”