Day 52: One butterfly hour at a time

Good morning! Today I’m all out of words, so in honor of Tuesday Beauty, here is the most gorgeous thing I can think of. Whenever I spot it, usually through the trees, it really does take my breath away. It’s one of the world’s largest butterflies and certainly one of the most spectacular, thanks to the microscopic, light-reflecting scales on its wings.

According to the Rainforest Alliance, it lives for only 115 days. Math isn’t my strong suit, but after a little Post-It scribbling I’ve concluded that an hour for us is about 13 seconds for a Blue Morpho butterfly.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes at this time of year I get a little overwhelmed by everything that’s coming down the pike, especially the reckoning of the year past and the future planning I always feel compelled to do. Maybe it’d be better if I took thing one Blue Morpho hour at a time.

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