Day 53: Drop everything and watch this video

National Geographic this week shared an astonishing video shot in November 2016 in Ostional, Costa Rica, by biologist and conservation leader Vanessa Bezy.

“To this day I’m still blown away by the video,” Bezy told National Geographic, and I can see why. This is more of a Wildlife Wednesday than my usual wellness theme, but I think this video fits the bill for both: I sat up straighter, breathed deeper and felt an incredible sense of awe when I saw this. Not a bad way to spend one minute nine seconds.

Check out the NatGeo story for more on how she came to shoot this video, just how unusual it is, and what threats Ostional is facing.

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2 thoughts on “Day 53: Drop everything and watch this video

  1. One of nature’s many miracles! The video says that this happens every month..? I will be in the area at the end of December. It would be a fantastic experience…!!!


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