Day 59: Summer beckons

Happy Thursday! I’ve written about how much I love the rainy season and the spots I prefer to visit during those wetter, less crowded months (Arenal hot springs, for example, or Manuel Antonio National Park, which I think is fabulous in the rain and where peak season lines can be considerable). However, there are certainly destinations within Costa Rica that are at their best when the rain goes away.

One, to my mind, is the Río Celeste, whose otherwordly blue can be affected by heavy rainfall that mixes mud into the water – we’re splitting hairs here, since it’s beautiful 365 days a year and I’ve had incredible visits there in the rainy season, but if I had an entire 12 months to schedule a visit, I might pick the summer months. Another is the Volcán Irazú, near my home: again, it’s great whenever, but the view of the crater itself and of the surrounding countryside from its summit are particularly stunning on a clear day. Most of the country’s volcanoes and peaks fall into this same category. Of course, travelers visiting more remote areas of the country often need to choose the dry season to have the best chance to usable roads and crossable rivers.

What about you? What Costa Rican spots do you think are particularly lovely – or just more accessible or convenient – when it’s dry?

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