The year of love has arrived!

A big year in Costa Rican history has begun: the year that marriage equality will finally be the law of the land (on May 26, to be exact. That’s the day that the 18-month deadline set by Costa Rica’s Constitutional Courte for legislators to make marriage equality legal, will elapse; if they haven’t taken action by that date, the legislation prohibiting gay marriage will automatically be voided).

So for this first Monday of 2020, I’m full-on stealing an idea from my new Facebook friend Melissa Floress: celebrating (and tagging) everyone I can think of who is ready to help Costa Rica’s LGBTQ couples – or visiting couples – tie the knot in 2020. I know nowhere near as many people as Melissa, so I am simply reproducing her recommendations, but I would love to hear about the many additional businesses I know are out there who would love to help celebrate some very special and long overdue weddings in 2020! (You can also read more about LGBTQ-diverse businesses in Costa Rica through the Cámara Diversa.)

Event planning: Royal Eventos CR

Music: DJ Pablo Mena, Cimarrona Andree Perdomo J

Cakes: Palma Dulce Pastelería & Productos Gourmet, Angela Poppe

Makeup: Steph Zamora Maquillista, Andrey Ruiz

Decoration: Cindy Aguilar Madrigal

Flowers: Eli Arias

Food: Sylvi Ta, Pao Alvarenga de @Amarena

Clothing design: Kasandra Farrier, Andrea Gil

Spa packages for the wedding party: Lorena Herrera

Photography: Susan Alpizar

Master of ceremonies: Sofia Porras Aguilar

Notaries: Sue Mey, Laura Castro (Laura can provide services in English)

Hotels for the honeymoon: Casitas Tenorio (Bijagua), Hotel Kasha (Caribbean)

Who am I missing?

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