It’s Friday – whatever that means

Remember Fridays? Stepping out of school or the office with all that less-encumbered time spreading ahead of you? After only a few weeks with the world at a kind of standstill, the luckiest among us – those who are at home – have lost our sense of TGIF. Even if we are blessed with work obligations that release us on Friday, it’s still harder to tell the days apart.

I saw someone refer to it as our own version of the movie “Groundhog Day,” which I thought was apt, because, as in that movie, the repetition and absence of agency allows us to attempt the same things, over and over. Sometime the results are worse than the day before. Sometimes they’re better. We can hope that over time we bend towards a bit more patience and grace.

I share this funny little lemur leaf frog (who, according to photographer Ivan Kuzmin, is yawning here) in hopes that we can grab some little excuse for joy or dancing or release tonight. A special drink or a three-minute dance party or a streaming show or a Silly Hat dinner or whatever our tired, ingenious minds can light upon. I’ll see you on Monday!

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