A Monday art walk… to the pulpería

I wrote on Thursday about the beauty and, during the past few months, the renewed utility and importance of Costa Rica’s pulperías. While writing that post, I came across this lovely connection of paintings of “corner stores” past and present, and wanted to share some more of them with you. I found them on the TicoClub website, which indicates they were part of a 2009 exhibit at the National Museum called “Homage to the Costa Rican Pulpería” by students of the Home Art School of Professor Ricardo Jiménez Salazár.

It was dedicated to “the pulperos, who forged a tradition that allows us to buy our bread, share our affection and strengthen our identity.” Amen. For more on new ways to buy from Costa Rican pulperías, here’s Thursday’s post. Now, here’s a taste of what the students created, complete with classic signage, countertops, pulperos and, in a couple cases, horses. (The featured image above is by Hugo Jiménez, depicting Comisariato el Porvenir, San Miguel de Sarapiquí.)

Ana Elena Solís, Pulpería Hermanos Fonseca, Quebrada Honda, Guanacaste
Rubén Mora, Pulpería La Nueva Fortuna, San José
Gabriela Espinoza, Pulpería La Puerta del Sol, San Pedro Montes de Oca
Daniel Castillo, Comisariato Manuel León Salazar, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Daniel Cordero, Pulpería La Luisa, Potrero Cerrado, Cartago

I’ll be up late tonight to prepare tomorrow’s Boost, because the first same-sex marriage in Costa Rica following the legalization of marriage equality here will take place at 12:01 am tomorrow morning! Want to join me in watching it? You can tune in here.

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