An accidental discovery

For better and, quite often, for worse, I belong to some “expat” groups on Facebook. Expat is not a word I like, since it’s so often used to differentiate white or rich people from others foreign groups. However, the groups are often sources of useful information.

And then there are the nights that they’re sources of comments like the one some man put up yesterday expounding upon the virtues of “ticas.” Yes, their housekeeping skills were among the skills touted. No, the astonishing frequency with which this group of humans tends to break records, blaze new trails and defy expectations was not among the traits he praised.

This gem of a man was swiftly removed from the group by a watchful admin, but before that took place, I angrily opened another tab and typed “Ticas Poderosas” into the search bar. Powerful Ticas.  It was a mistake – I was thinking of the “Ticas Sin Miedo” book from which I’ve published translated excerpts this year – but lo and behold, there’s a site for that. features interviews, op-eds and more that shine a light on the incredible women of this country. Bravo to them; because of a Googling mistake, I’ve found myself a great new resource. Please join me in following their work. And if you come across an appallingly sexist comment directed at the women of Costa Rica, you’ll have the perfect retort right in your back pocket.

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4 thoughts on “An accidental discovery

    1. I don’t! I couldn’t immediately see who is behind the site, to ask her. I may translation some of their pieces occasionally, as I did with “Ticas sin miedo”! Sorry not to have a better answer.


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