Day 68: A glass of ruby-red refreshment

Today’s the first time in 68 days that I haven’t managed to get a Boost out in the morning… it’s been quite a week. Fortunately, the day has 24 hours.

One simple habit I’ve really gotten into this year is drinking unsweetened jamaica, which is iced hibiscus tea. As I’ve noted, I sometimes have a hard time getting myself to drink hot tea, but I could drink agua de jamaica all day. It can prevent hypertension; lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels; and even, so I’ve read, help address pain from menstrual cramps. Best of all, the

The reason it took me so long to become a jamaica converts that when you’re served this popular drink in a soda, or restaurant, it’s often heavily sweetened, and somehow the flavor just never appealed to me. But when my doctor told me to watch my blood pressure earlier this year and I first prepared the drink at home (just steeping dried hibiscus petals in hot water and then icing, as with any tea), I discovered that unsweetened version is delightfully tart, kind of like cranberry juice. I would imagine that you could make a delightful vodka-jamaica cocktail, but I am wandering off topic for Wellness Wednesday.

Plus, its deep red color is just gorgeous, like a jewel, and bright and festive at this time of year.

So on a day so stressful that you don’t write your morning Boost until 6 pm, try a glass of cold hibiscus tea and see if it unspools your knots the way it does mine.

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